Surprise Me

Headwear that thinks outside the box

Showing all 42 results

Showing all 42 results

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Well then where better to look than in the Surprise Me section of our Headonista shop.

Here at The Headonista we get asked to make all kinds of wonderful things. Sometimes we really struggle to fit them into a box (or category). No problem, that is precisely why we created the Surprise Me category! Check out the crazy creations on this page. Surprise Me – for those times when you know you want something but you can’t quite decide what it is!

Tape cassette fascinators are one of our top sellers, each one is unique to its owner, now how or why would we categorise that? We have light up crowns and alien eyes. Our customers love them but we just didn’t know quite where to put them.

Take some time and have a good look. If you haven’t found it anywhere else then maybe you’ll find it here…