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Mardi Gras – A party for your soul!

Smiling woman wearing a fruity turban

What is Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras or Carnival is a traditional street celebration very popular throughout the world and particularly in America and Brazil. The largest parades take place in Rio and New Orleans. Strings of beads or other knick-nacks are often flung into the crowd from impressive floats that are paraded through the streets. Everyone is encouraged to dress up in their most impressive costumes and masquerade balls often form part of the celebrations.


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When is it?

This year’s carnival season in New Orleans runs from Jan 6th to February 25th, other places may vary.

What’s it all about?

With its origins steeped in the Christian faith, the event offers a much needed opportunity to let down your hair and celebrate the wilder side of society. Held just before lent, Mardi Gras is all about indulging. Feasting on the things that will be abstained from during Lent (meat, sugary foods, alcohol etc) and also indulging in the sort of reckless behaviour that we are normally expected to refrain from, such as public drinking and social satire. I guess the idea behind it is it’s easier to be ‘well behaved’ if you’ve got it out of your system first.

So, if a massive street party with parades and masquerade balls is up your alley, then Mardi Gras is definitely for you!

Is there a theme?

Purple, gold and green are the traditional Carnival colours. They are said to represent justice, faith and power, respectively.

Carnival is all about big, bold headdresses and elaborate costumes. Imaginative masquerade balls are part of the celebration and participants are encouraged to dress in surreal and secretive attire. In some traditions the costumes are taken one step further. Witches to scare away winter, or comedy representations of (un)popular political figures.

And it’s all about the music too. Brass bands, dancing, everyone crowded together in the streets. Fiesta!

A wonderful theme to work with, it is very open to interpretation. This makes it a popular theme for parties and festivals (such as this years’ Shindig Festival).

Link to Shindig 2020 site

The Headonista at Carnival

At The Headonista we LOVE to dress up. We are passionate about creating captivating costumes and headdresses. Big, statement pieces or intricate character ideas, we can create whatever you can imagine.

Whether you are a performer looking for a show stopping headpiece or simply a party-goer wanting to stand out from the crowd…we’ve got you covered.

Our Carmen Miranda headdresses are very popular for Carnival, this eye-catching pineapple turban is one of our best sellers!

Pineapple Turban, elaborate headwear

And we have a whole collection of fun and impressive headwear that is perfect for Carnival

As always, our books are also open for unique commissions – whatever your idea, we can make it a reality! Get in touch with TheHeadonista to discuss your design ideas..

Wherever, and however, you chose to celebrate you will always look fabulous in a Headonista creation!

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